84 Inch Length Of Shower Curtain Is Perfect For Your Bathroom

Many people want to know if the modern shower curtains suitable for their bathrooms when they are purchasing shower curtain. The answer obviously is yes. Here we will share you how to choose a right size of shower curtain for your bathroom.

First:the size of shower curtain is a little more wider than our bathroom, for example, the bathroom is 150cm width then 170cm should be your final size. The curtain size is better more wider than its actual size but not narrower than its for which can not used effectively. Usually the shower curtain is commonly designed with some pleated detail to make it look pretty without too much long avoid to get wet or damage easy when walk without careful.

Second:shower curtain usually has colorful pattern that made from printed craft. It contain some smell sometimes, especially when it is just finished package from factory. After we taking it back home, hanging up outside under the sunshine only a few minute smell is gone. It is consider that shower curtain is made from a pool fabric if it still has strong smell after a long time hanging up outside.


Third of the shower curtain has great craft advanced for many shower curtain without any smell cause of the Eco-friendly material. These kinds of shower curtains have great water resistance and elastic character in brilliant color. Many of the patterns are fashionable and creation styles and easy to clean.

modern shower curtains

A moisture absorbent can be placed in bathroom to prevent shower curtain become mildew. Do not use bleaching agents to wash shower curtain for it can make colored curtain become fade, instead of using soap. Dipped some salt or vinegar on brush to clean the curtain bottom where is the most dirty area of shower curtain.

The size of shower curtain is connect to your bathroom’s size. Generally speaking, the 84 inch length is perfect for your bathroom.

Lovely UV Protection Curtains For Kindergarten

Choosing a cuitain for kindergarten,there are many things should be considered. UV Protection curtain for example.When choosing UV protection curtains with beautiful parttens on it can make children’s life full of cheer and protect all shildren burnded from the UV.

For children,they would not stop to play even in the hotest summer day.Some teachers are careful and ask children go back to the calss room.But there is still a promble even in the classroom.The small children would be burned by UV comes from the wimdows. But with a UV Protection Curtain can easy to solve this proble easily with which the whole classroom become cool immediately.

Basically,the kids curtains patterned is mainly use colorful and beautiful patterns, fresh and bright colors so that more and more children would like to go to kindergarten.For nursey curtain,there are lots of lovely parttens can be used.UV protetion role curtain use to porch or the fence on the promenade so that can protect children burned by the UV. With the UV protection curtain children in the kindergarten can play happy without any promble and make his day full of fun and cheer.Both teachers and parents do not need to worry about the children any more.

Wholesale Acoustical Animal Burlap Ready Made Curtains

kids curtains

Bathrobes For Women In Winter Season

Bathrobes is one of the most favorite things for woman.No matter how successful you are at work. A gentle bathrobes would be your favorite in in cold winter season after a day hard work. Take a shower after a day work when go back home and put your sweet bathrobes on. All things are so nice and enjoys your life at home, good smell fragrance of shower gel make you cheer.Get rid of all and paste a mask then go to bed have a sweet dream and waiting for a new day coming.