Decorate Your Home More Attractive with Energy Saving Curtains

Environmental protection very important thing for all of us all over the world, and we discuss the problem everyday which reflected from every single detail on our daily life. Energy saving curtain used for home decoration can save energy by reducing using home appliances as well as we promote water conservation and use energy-saving light bulbs to protest the earth. Change the common poor curtains to energy saving curtains would work more effective on light shading or heath insulation.


Curtains are used for light blackout and home decorative. As life quality improve , concept of environmental protection, we just changing a panel of curtains that make life more beautiful and more comfortable. Especially in the summer, hanging light colored energy saving curtains to block the light out, what is more, curtains weaken the strong light let soft light bright room but reflect the most strong light and UV out. Without the UV, we do not worry about would hurting by the strong light,but sitting in the room enjoy every moment leisurely.

In winder, thick energy saving curtains save heat in the room to higher the temperature inside prevent it reduce from the window gap. Use them to keep room warm instead of turning on air conditioning. Inside home is natural air that good for health protest us from conditioning disease. Healthy energy saving curtains are just the right items in winter.

energy saving curtains

When doing curtains style selection, the simple elegant are easy to make and contain less formaldehyde composition that good for health. Do what you can to show your ability to environmental protection. It is said that "don’t miss doing any good thing no matter how insignificant it looks" A tiny change gain a big award. Why not have a try?

Decorative and practical blackout curtain

Blackout curtain is good at light shading at the same time is great home decoration that beloved by more and more people. The best light shading curtain can be 100 percent full blackout. There are many easy ways to help you identify if it is the best blackout curtain or not. Hanging curtain up facing to light direction and then to see if there is light go through the curtain structure, Or blindfolded by curtain fabric and go out to see whether you can see the light outside. If not, that means it is good blackout curtain or that is poor quality of blackout curtain.


Blackout curtain is very popular in our life not only for personal recommend. Blackout curtain rate currently is from 20-30 dollars per meter. Most of them have coating on the curtain surface great at light shading. Some others are made of high-density material mainly made by the latest technology crushed glue to adhesive light shading effect. But such shading curtains are usually cheap and will emit toxic substances that harm for health. Therefor, do not care much about the price and purchase the cheap blackout curtain for home decoration.

blackout curtain

Blackout curtain is more practical for which can help us to save money on bill. Pay more attention to as much as you can when doing blackout curtain selection. In order to have a good and comfortable blackout curtain, keep in mind. Weaving shading curtain better than chemical curtain even they are more expensive.

How do we choose the kids curtains for the kids room?

The modern society is becoming quicker and quicker, so is the pollution, as for the decorating the house, it is important for us to choose the kids curtains
, when we design the children house, it could become complex than other house. Today we will introduce related knowledge of the children curtains , hope these could help you a little.

First if the direction of the children room is to east, then we had better choose the shutters, then the sunshine would go through the shutters, it could be the elegant color, the back fabric would lower the light, the mild light would let us feel good after week.


Second if the window faces south, it could be 2 pieces, it could prevent it from the sunshine, at the same time, it could prevent SUV, we could pull the curtains off, at the same time, you could leave the tulle fabric, that could go through the light, at the same time, the heavy light could become the mild light, at the same time, we could see the scenery outside. In the evening, we also could pull down the curtains, that could let the kids have the perfect sleeping.

kids curtains

Third the dusk could be the time when the sunshine harms, so if your house face west, we could choose the fabric curtains for house, that prevent the sunshine from the house, sunlight refracted on the curtain, reduce the strength of the light. If the sunshine is too heavy, it also could harm the color of the furniture.

Fourth if it is the north house, then we also could choose the light pure curtains, this is perfect, we had better not choose the dark colors, since the light is too dark, if you choose the simple curtains, that makes the room light, at the same time, the pattern of the curtains could not be complex, we also could let the kids choose which curtains they like.

Lovely UV Protection Curtains For Kindergarten

Choosing a cuitain for kindergarten,there are many things should be considered. UV Protection curtain for example.When choosing UV protection curtains with beautiful parttens on it can make children’s life full of cheer and protect all shildren burnded from the UV.

For children,they would not stop to play even in the hotest summer day.Some teachers are careful and ask children go back to the calss room.But there is still a promble even in the classroom.The small children would be burned by UV comes from the wimdows. But with a UV Protection Curtain can easy to solve this proble easily with which the whole classroom become cool immediately.

Basically,the kids curtains patterned is mainly use colorful and beautiful patterns, fresh and bright colors so that more and more children would like to go to kindergarten.For nursey curtain,there are lots of lovely parttens can be used.UV protetion role curtain use to porch or the fence on the promenade so that can protect children burned by the UV. With the UV protection curtain children in the kindergarten can play happy without any promble and make his day full of fun and cheer.Both teachers and parents do not need to worry about the children any more.

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