Decorative and practical blackout curtain

Blackout curtain is good at light shading at the same time is great home decoration that beloved by more and more people. The best light shading curtain can be 100 percent full blackout. There are many easy ways to help you identify if it is the best blackout curtain or not. Hanging curtain up facing to light direction and then to see if there is light go through the curtain structure, Or blindfolded by curtain fabric and go out to see whether you can see the light outside. If not, that means it is good blackout curtain or that is poor quality of blackout curtain.


Blackout curtain is very popular in our life not only for personal recommend. Blackout curtain rate currently is from 20-30 dollars per meter. Most of them have coating on the curtain surface great at light shading. Some others are made of high-density material mainly made by the latest technology crushed glue to adhesive light shading effect. But such shading curtains are usually cheap and will emit toxic substances that harm for health. Therefor, do not care much about the price and purchase the cheap blackout curtain for home decoration.

blackout curtain

Blackout curtain is more practical for which can help us to save money on bill. Pay more attention to as much as you can when doing blackout curtain selection. In order to have a good and comfortable blackout curtain, keep in mind. Weaving shading curtain better than chemical curtain even they are more expensive.