Navy blue and white multi-color beautiful Striped Curtain

Blue and white curtains are very popular for home decoration in recently. Make room cook in summer days. Blue is the ocean color that is cool while white color is also an essential color in summer. So these two colors combine together to be popular color in summer has basis.

First:Stripe curtain original

blue and white curtain
coming out by accidental, people who live nearby the sea fall in love deeply with blue and white colors for which is cool Then there are blue and white schools, one prefer to white while the other favorite to blue brought out a big contradiction and large conflict without any conclusion for a long time. In order to stop the contradiction, a man has great idea to solve this problem., that was what we talk blue and white strip pattern, combining these two colors together to be a multi-color pattern. That is blue and white curtain.


Second: Popular elements can be seem on the curtain

blue and white curtain
is found by a man who play in the beach. He interested in these blue and white multi-color by which people can feel the broad sea is nearby. Very cool in summer day. Then he provides his design idea curtains for inland people who fall in love with the blue and white striped curtain deeply. For inland people, there is not the sea around, so this navy blue and white striped curtain for decoration look like the sea is nearby. That is a very great ideal interior decor, especially in summer.

Blue and white curtains