How do we choose the kids curtains for the kids room?

The modern society is becoming quicker and quicker, so is the pollution, as for the decorating the house, it is important for us to choose the kids curtains
, when we design the children house, it could become complex than other house. Today we will introduce related knowledge of the children curtains , hope these could help you a little.

First if the direction of the children room is to east, then we had better choose the shutters, then the sunshine would go through the shutters, it could be the elegant color, the back fabric would lower the light, the mild light would let us feel good after week.


Second if the window faces south, it could be 2 pieces, it could prevent it from the sunshine, at the same time, it could prevent SUV, we could pull the curtains off, at the same time, you could leave the tulle fabric, that could go through the light, at the same time, the heavy light could become the mild light, at the same time, we could see the scenery outside. In the evening, we also could pull down the curtains, that could let the kids have the perfect sleeping.

kids curtains

Third the dusk could be the time when the sunshine harms, so if your house face west, we could choose the fabric curtains for house, that prevent the sunshine from the house, sunlight refracted on the curtain, reduce the strength of the light. If the sunshine is too heavy, it also could harm the color of the furniture.

Fourth if it is the north house, then we also could choose the light pure curtains, this is perfect, we had better not choose the dark colors, since the light is too dark, if you choose the simple curtains, that makes the room light, at the same time, the pattern of the curtains could not be complex, we also could let the kids choose which curtains they like.